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Vibrant America

Total Tox-Burden Lab

Total Tox-Burden Lab

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Assess the most comprehensive set of environmentally acquired inflammatory toxins and toxicants.

Includes Mycotoxins, Environmental Toxins, and Heavy Metals; to assess the most comprehensive set of environmentally acquired inflammatory toxins and toxicants.

Fasting is not required for the Total Tox Burden tests (Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins, and Mycotoxins).

However, fasting for 12 hours may increase the amount of toxins excreted in urine, so consult with your ordering provider about whether they recommend you fast for 12 hours before the test.

It is important to avoid foods high in iodine (seafood, dairy, seaweed) and selenium (Brazil nuts) for 48 hours before the test as they have strong binding affinity for heavy metals (they act like "heavy metal magnets").

Consuming these foods prior to the Heavy Metals test may cause falsely lowered results. Some Vibrant America ordering providers may prefer you do a "provoked" Total Tox Burden which requires taking a "provoking agent" (such as NAC, glutathione, DMSA, or EDTA) prior to testing to promote the release of body stores of toxins so that the toxins are "mobilized" (moved through the body) and excreted (released) in urine.

Vibrant America does not require a provoked test, nor does Vibrant America recommend a specific provoking agent, dose, or timing of provocation before testing.

Discuss with your ordering provider whether they recommend a provoked or unprovoked test, and which provoking agent, dose, and timing of provocation and urine collection they recommend for you.

Please note that unprovoked test results cannot predict provoked test results as the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (release) of toxins in urine is highly variable in different people and is influenced by a number of physical, dietary, and environmental factors.

Overall, the majority of Vibrant America ordering providers order unprovoked testing. For best test performance, collect the first morning urine upon awakening, prior to eating or drinking. If you awaken and urinate overnight, do not collect urine. Vibrant America does not recommend any dietary supplement restrictions prior to testing, however dietary supplements such as glutamine, NAC, glutathione, and herbal antibacterial and antifungal products may influence results, so consult with your ordering provider to see if they recommend you continue or discontinue these products prior to testing.

Urine Sample Required. 

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