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Hi, I'm Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah, nice to meet you! I am a trained Nurse, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Breast Implant Illness and Detox Expert.

I'm particularly dedicated to addressing breast implant illness and guiding clients through the maze of misinformation to find their path to vitality.

My core belief is clear: settling for anything less than vibrant health is not an option. When it comes to breast implant illness, detoxing after en bloc explant lays the groundwork for recovery. I'm all about natural cellular healing through real foods, lifestyle shifts, detox strategies, and tackling implant-induced conditions head-on.

I stand by the power of alternative therapies, often surpassing conventional treatments by focusing on genuine healing rather than temporary fixes. A strong advocate for toxin-free living, I'm passionate about banishing harmful substances from our environments and diets.

Let's walk this transformative path together!


  • Satin

    (Explant Reset client)


    ''Sarah has been my invaluable guide throughout my BII healing journey. Despite a decade of suffering and limited resources for BII, Sarah's website provided a lifeline. Her personal experience and expertise offered comfort. Functional lab testing revealed hormonal imbalance, food sensitivities, and parasites. Sarah's tailored treatment plan and cellular detox program are driving my recovery. Her attentive care and timely responses make her a top recommendation for fellow BII sufferers. She's an essential companion on this transformative journey.''

  • Michelle

    BII Holistic Coaching Client


    ''I have been working with Sarah since November 2018 and feel like she is literally saving my life and I'm not exaggerating. She has a very thorough intake questionnaire and suspected mold right away. We ran several functional labs and found many other problems. We are addressing everything naturally. I just started the detox this month because I was too sick initially. I feel like it will further accelerate my healing now that I'm a little stronger. I still have a long way to go, but I'm healing. I'm so thankful to Sarah. She has been so kind and patient with me.''

  • Ashley

    BII Holistic Coaching Client


    ''After Years of neglecting my health and having 4 children I was suffering with so many ailments and symptoms I did not know where to turn. Traditional medicine did not provide answers, just more pills. Sarah is amazing; she did a thorough testing and analysis and developed my protocol. She has helped me tremendously clean up and detox my life. I have more energy and less pain than ever and I can actually sleep! She always compares this process to an onion: you just keep peeling back the layers to find the root cause. She is honest, knowledgeable, and so passionate about her work. But the lifestyle change is up to you.''