My Top Recovery Tool to Use After Surgery

My Top Recovery Tool to Use After Surgery

Hey there! Recovery after surgery can be tough, but I've got some tips to help make it a little smoother. Whether you've just had surgery or are preparing for it, these suggestions can aid in your healing journey.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Were there any complications during surgery that might affect your recovery timeline?
  • Did you have additional procedures, like a lift or liposuction?
  • When can you start incorporating supplements into your recovery plan, as advised by your surgeon?

Now, onto my top priorities for post-surgery recovery:

1. Elevated Rest: Invest in a quality bed wedge pillow set to maintain a comfortable, elevated position while you recover. It's essential for proper rest and healing.

2. Comfort is Key: Keep cozy with shearling slippers to make moving around more comfortable during your recovery period.

3. Combat Pain and Swelling: Reusable ice packs, both small and large, can help reduce pain and swelling in the affected areas.

4. Ease of Dressing: Opt for camisoles that make it easier to access your surgical bra and bandages while dressing and undressing.

5. Hydration and Nutrition: Stay hydrated with pure water and focus on a nutrient-rich diet, including proteins, healthy fats, and veggies. Bone broth is a great option for added protein and healing nutrients.

6. Digestive Support: Consider a digestive enzyme supplement to aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients from your food.

7. Micronutrient Support: Support your body's daily needs with a quality mineral supplement for optimal cognitive function, energy production, and immune support.

8. Restorative Sleep: Ensure a restful sleep environment with complete darkness and consider supplements like melatonin for better sleep quality.

9. Immune System Support: Boost your immune system with immune-supporting supplements to aid in healing and recovery. One tool that I have found helpful to support a more balanced immune system and healing from the inside out is Nano Ojas Everyday Wellness Spray.

10. Pain Management: Natural remedies like bromelain can help manage pain and reduce swelling post-surgery.

11. Gut Health: Support your gut microbiome with probiotics to maintain healthy gut function during recovery.

12. Skin Healing: Treat scars and incisions with natural plant-based products to promote skin repair and reduce discomfort. My personal favorite is a completely natural plant-based product called Nano Ojas Multifunctional Repair Spray.

13. Stem Cell Support: Consider supplements that support stem cell production for enhanced tissue repair and health maintenance. My personal favorite product is Stemregen.

14. Emotional Wellness: Seek emotional support if needed and explore techniques like Mind Body Spirit Release for holistic healing.

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    Remember, recovery is a journey. Take care of yourself and listen to your body as you navigate this process. You've got this!

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