What Led You To Pull The Trigger and Explant?

What Led You To Pull The Trigger and Explant?

In my recent posts, I delved into life before and after falling ill, aiming to paint a vivid picture of the struggles faced. These inquiries are vital as they lay the groundwork for a compelling narrative. Today, I pose another crucial question:

What prompted you to pull the trigger and explant?

This question is my go-to on initial calls with explantees, serving as a compass to uncover the driving force behind their decision. To shed light on my own journey, I'll share why I finally made the decision.

My journey to explantation spanned 5 ½ years, during which I grappled with debilitating symptoms and sought answers from various doctors, only to be met with dismissive responses. The frustration of leaving appointments with a clean bill of health and generic advice pushed me to reassess my approach.

Realizing that the key lay not in treating symptoms but in identifying their root cause, I embarked on a personal quest for answers. It became clear that taking charge of my health was paramount, leading me to undergo functional lab work.

The results revealed a laundry list of issues... including "stage 3 adrenal fatigue," SIBO, gut dysbiosis, candida overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, Chronic Lyme Disease, and neurotransmitter imbalances. The discovery prompted a shift in my perspective—I needed to become a health detective, investigating the impact of what we consume, apply on our bodies, use in our homes, and even our thought processes.

Despite noticeable improvements from dietary and lifestyle changes, a lingering piece of the puzzle remained. It was a functional health mentor who suggested that my breast implants might be the missing link hindering my healing journey.

Reluctant to part with implants I had long desired and invested in, I opted to address other health issues first. Remarkably, I witnessed significant progress, yet some symptoms persisted. Two more years passed before I confronted the decision to explant.

Lingering health concerns, abnormal menstrual cycles, and the heartbreaking realization of infertility propelled me to reconsider the impact of breast implants on my well-being. The fear of potential complications from a laparoscopy and financial sacrifices weighed heavily on my mind. The pivotal moment came when I pondered the potential consequences for my ability to conceive and the health of future offspring.

The decision to explant was no longer just about me; it extended to my husband and our future family. This realization became the catalyst, the turning point that led me to finally pull the trigger on explant.

After extensive research on Breast Implant Illness (BII) and surgeons, I found confidence in Dr. Urzola in Costa Rica. On October 11th, 2017, exactly six years after implantation, I underwent surgery to remove my breast implants.

So, that's my "WHY." I'd love to hear your journey. What led you to pull the explant trigger? Feel free to reply to this email and share your story.

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