What Was Your Explant Experience Like?

What Was Your Explant Experience Like?

Today, I'll delve into a pivotal aspect: the experience of explantation. Let's discuss expectations, changes observed post-explant—both positive and negative.

My journey began with extensive research on Breast Implant Illness (BII) and surgeons over the two years leading to my explant. Dr. Urzola in Costa Rica stood out as the ideal surgeon, and I firmly believe in seeking the best specialist, regardless of location. My surgery, on October 11th, 2017, six years after implantation, involved the removal of 350cc silicone implants via an en bloc resection with liposuction and fat transfer (240cc each side), sans a lift. At the four-year post-explant mark, I am content with the outcome—tightened skin and a newfound appreciation for my smaller breasts.

Post-surgery, friends and family noticed a positive change in me—a softer demeanor, increased relaxation, heightened energy, mental sharpness, and an overall brighter disposition. The recovery took about a month, but I recognized that achieving balance in my body required ongoing efforts.

I dedicated myself to nutritional strategies, cellular detoxification, infection management, immune system restoration, stress reduction, mindset work, and addressing emotional wounds. Remarkably, I even reversed my Hashimoto's diagnosis.

The experience in Costa Rica was also a blessing for my relationship. Two nights before surgery allowed my husband and me to connect deeply on a mental and emotional level, bringing us closer than ever. It was a transformative moment, leaving me feeling more hopeful and loved.

However, the healing journey continued. Stage 4 endometriosis, a consequence of the implants, necessitated surgical intervention. Although reluctant, the excision surgery was crucial for my well-being. Despite initial reservations, I am now pain-free and moving forward.

The aftermath? I feel better than I have in years—freed from heart palpitations, anxiety, mood swings, digestive issues, and more. This journey of healing unexpectedly fostered personal growth, shaping me into who I am today. Now, I find joy in helping others navigate the post-explant phase.

For those grappling with Breast Implant Illness post-en bloc explant surgery, the path to recovery can be complex. Beyond individual efforts and information available, seeking guidance from a holistic health expert experienced in supporting BII recovery is invaluable.

I firmly believe that our bodies are designed for self-healing when given the right support and by addressing root causes. In the case of chronic illnesses linked to breast implants, removal followed by addressing hidden stressors is paramount. Tackling toxicity, infections, trauma, and potential shame in a comprehensive and holistic manner, alongside prioritizing sleep, hydration, nutrition, sunlight, and appropriate exercise, is key. Remember, your body is a miracle—working with a knowledgeable practitioner tailored to your needs is crucial for a successful healing journey.

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