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Cellcore Biosciences Carboxy

Carboxy is a binder that promotes the body’s natural detoxification processes and supports a balanced gut microbiome.

It contains short- and long-chain carbons, which can travel to different parts of the body, beyond the gut. This makes Carboxy an ideal detox support supplement for whole body wellness.

The addition of Carbon Technology promotes increased cellular energy production and repair.

Carboxy is our most potent binder. It’s primarily designed for patients who are in the intermediate stages of promoting detoxification. Because of this, Carboxy is typically recommended after a patient has already introduced BioToxin Binder, ViRadChem Binder, or HM-ET Binder to their routine.

Formulated with Carbon Technology

Carbon Technology is a proprietary blend of fulvic acids and polysaccharides that support cellular repair and the body’s natural ability to detoxify. With a low pH, Carbon Technology also helps protect ingredients from being digested by stomach acid, so that they remain intact as they enter the desired location in the body.

Product Overview

Carboxy is different from traditional clay or charcoal binders. The binding ability of older binders is limited because clay and charcoal contain what are called “spent carbons.” Think of a spent carbon as a sponge that soaks up toxins specifically in the gut. Like a sponge, once it’s “full,” it drops and leaks, leaving behind toxins it cannot carry anymore.

The short- and long-chain carbons in Carboxy travel beyond the gut and have more energy available than spent carbons. This means there is greater potential for Carboxy to interact with unwanted substances and safely remove them. This creates the unique ability to bind and repair that spent carbons lack.

Product FAQs

Can I take Carboxy alongside other CellCore binders?

Yes. Each of our binders are formulated to support different areas of the body, so you can take CellCore binders together, depending on your goals and needs. We recommend introducing only one binder at a time and going slowly, as everyone responds differently. Note that our binders should not be taken with traditional binders, such as charcoal, clay, or diatomaceous earth.

Can Carboxy cause symptoms?

Carboxy promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify. You may experience mild detox reactions and symptoms, such as fatigue or headaches. If this happens, consult with your healthcare practitioner. You can also take Carboxy with meals to help reduce the potency.

Does Carboxy cross the blood-brain barrier?

Yes, all of our binders are systemic and cross the blood-brain barrier. They are high-energy, nano-sized molecules with a multi-chain carbon structure, which allows them to work throughout the body, including the brain.

Does Carboxy have to be taken with food, or can it be taken without?

Carboxy can be taken with or without food. For maximum potency, we recommend taking it between meals.

Does Carboxy interact with medication?

Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner when introducing a new supplement to your routine. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to take all supplements at least two hours away from prescription medications.

How does Carboxy differ from traditional binders?

Traditional binders (such as charcoal and diatomaceous earth) contain spent carbons, which means they do not possess as much binding potential and cannot create energy that the cells need to heal after binding. Carbon Technology in Carboxy has the energy to bind and support natural detoxification, while also providing the cell with enough energy to heal.

What time of day should I take Carboxy?

You can take Carboxy any time of day. Note that it should be taken one hour away from Para 1.

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