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The DNA Company



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A comprehensive DNA scan can reveal hidden health problems and provide vital insights on how to improve your health.

Sarah Phillipe has partnered with The DNA Company, a leader in DNA testing and research.

After performing the largest genomic consultation study of its kind, The DNA Company analyzed over 4.7 billion data points. Using these data points The DNA Company was able to build a state-of-the-art health scanning AI. The AI is capable of identifying hidden health issues that often go undetected.

Health practitioners around the country rely on The DNA Company to provide accurate and in-depth DNA insights to help guide their patients to better health. The DNA Company’s test paired with its DNA 360 Report offer consumers unparalleled insights into their DNA and its nuances.

Watch this exclusive interview where I chat with the CEO of The DNA Company, Kashif Khan, and get his insights on:
  • How to get clear actionable lifestyle changes based on your DNA
  • Why we should reverse illnesses instead of treating them
  • Genetic breakthroughs for breast implant illness
  • How your data is used with The DNA Company
  • The top fix for female hormone health

 The DNA Company's DNA testing and reports offer consumers a way to see their DNA data in incredible detail. Each DNA test comes with a full 360 Report that includes 38 individual insight reports.

These reports help you understand exactly how your DNA impacts your hormones, sleep, cardiovascular health, immunity and more. The actionable insights outlined in the 360 Report allow anyone to understand their DNA and make the necessary adjustments in diet and lifestyle to optimize for better health.

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