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DNA Inspired

Methylation Optimizer

Methylation Optimizer

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DNA Inspired Methylation Optimizer

Methylation Optimizer is designed to provide the body with critical nutrients to support the methylation cycle.

Methylation is a vital process involving a series of biochemical reactions necessary for a number of cellular functions including inflammation management.

  • Can help energy production and metabolism
  • Can help reduce cellular inflammation
  • Helps enable optimal cardiovascular wellbeing
  • Helps maintain cognitive and brain health
  • Helps optimize methylation pathways
  • Supports cellular health and repair
  • Best tolerated form of folate for those who are sensitive 
  • Vegetarian-friendly, Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO, and GRAS. Made in Canada.

This product does not contain B12, which is also important for methylation - you can opt to add Sublingual Adenosylcobalamin B12 (which is the better tolerated and better absorbed form and route) as well found here:

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