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Micronutrients + Food Sensitivity Profile 1 Labs

Micronutrients + Food Sensitivity Profile 1 Labs

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Optimize nutrition for patients with multiple food sensitivities and limited nutritional intake.

A test bundle for practices focusing on optimizing nutrition for patients with multiple food sensitivities and limited nutritional intake, which may increase risk for nutrient deficiencies.

Lab Preparation:

To prepare for the Micronutrient test, fasting is not required, however serum amino acid results may reflect any dietary protein/amino acids consumed in the 8 hours before the test. The Micronutrient test also measures white blood cell amino acids for many (but not all) of the amino acids on the Micronutrient test. Fasting or not fasting will have no effect on white blood cell amino acid results because the white blood cells reflect longer-term micronutrient status. There are no dietary supplement restrictions required before Micronutrient testing.

However, some ordering providers may recommend you discontinue dietary supplements 7-14 days before testing to assess your "baseline" (normal) micronutrient levels. Some ordering providers may prefer to test your micronutrient levels while you are taking dietary supplements to assess how well the dietary supplement is absorbed. To prepare for the Food Sensitivity test, fasting is not required. Vibrant America does not recommend a “food challenge” if you are already aware that you have adverse symptoms to a food.

However, if the food has been removed for a significant amount of time (which is highly variable among individuals), it may affect your test results. If you are taking steroids, immunosuppressive medications, biologic agents, or other immunmodulating medications, you may not get an accurate result of your antibody levels on the Food Sensitivity test. If you are taking any of these medications you may get falsely lower or falsely higher antibody results.

For this reason, to ensure the most accurate results, your ordering provider may recommend testing 14-30 days after discontinuing these medications, or they may recommend testing Total Immunoglobulins (Total IgE, Total IgM, Total IgA, and Total IgG) before testing specific antibody levels to wheat/gluten and other foods tested on the Food Sensitivity test.

Consult with your ordering provider regarding whether they recommend that you fast for 8 hours, continue or discontinue any dietary supplements or medications, or test Total Immunoglobulins before your test.

Lists of immunosuppressive medications and biologic agents can be found HERE and HERE.   

Blood Sample Required. (Draw & Fingerprick)

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