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Mycotoxin Antibody Lab

Mycotoxin Antibody Lab

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Discover if you have been exposed to mycotoxins from toxic mold.

The Mycotoxins panel is the most comprehensive panel of molds and their associated mycotoxins available. Water-damaged buildings are commonplace, but an under-recognized source of illness and inflammatory disease for many individuals.

Mycotoxin-related symptoms may include memory problems, increased allergies, sinus problems, stubborn weight, insomnia, mental health symptoms, fatigue, food and chemical sensitivities, and many more. With one simple test, find out if exposure to mold in your food or environment may be at the root of your health problems.

The Mycotoxins panel is designed to test for exposure to many different fungal mold pathogens and their mycotoxins, which are known to cause inflammatory diseases and conditions in humans.

Consider the Mycotoxins panel if you have been exposed to a water damaged building, such as at home, work, or other frequently visited places; have been exposed to higher mold foods such as grains, peanuts, dairy products, beer, and wine; or have been exposed to high concentrations of mold spores in your environment for any other reason.

Common symptoms may include recurring nasal/sinus irritation, upper respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, neurological and mood changes, problems with memory and word recall, insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue.

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