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Tickborne Diseases Lab

Tickborne Diseases Lab

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The Tickborne Diseases Lab from Vibrant Wellness utilizes our advanced proprietary technology to provide you with the highest level of accuracy of tickborne diseases. Symptoms of tickborne disease can be debilitating, yet difficult to detect, making testing necessary for accurate diagnosis. Take control of your health through Tickborne Diseases Lab from Vibrant Wellness!  

Tickborne diseases are on the rise and often difficult to detect if not found early because of chronic symptoms that can be non-specific and vague. Tickborne Complete from Vibrant Wellness provides a comprehensive analysis for a multitude of tickborne diseases including Lyme disease, Tickborne Relapsing Fever, and other common tickborne coinfections including Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasmosis, and Erlichiosis 

Why test Tickborne Complete from Vibrant Wellness? If you suffer from a wide range of symptoms without a known cause in sight, tickborne disease may be your root cause. This test is imperative for those with a history of tick bites – even if not recent. As well, those with body aches, chronic or acute fatigue, mood disorders, joint pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, and even autoimmune disorders can benefit from this test.  

To prepare for the Tickborne Complete test, fasting is not required. 

Before Tickborne Complete testing, some providers may ask you to stop taking certain supplements or medications.  

You should talk to your ordering provider about whether you can take any medications, or use dietary supplements before the test. 

Blood Sample - Fingerprick Sample Required. 

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