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Weight Loss Lab Package 2

Weight Loss Lab Package 2

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Assess common food and inflammatory root causes of stubborn weight gain.

Includes Wheat Zoomer, Gut Zoomer Complete, Tickborne Disease Complete to assess common underlying inflammatory triggers of metabolic dysfunction leading to weight gain.

How To Prepare For This Lab: 

Fasting is not required, and there are no required diet restrictions for the Weight Loss Package 2 test. Vibrant Wellness does not recommend a “gluten challenge” if you are already aware that you have adverse symptoms to gluten.

However, if gluten has been removed for a significant amount of time (which is highly variable among individuals), it may affect the results. If you are taking steroids, immunosuppressive medications, biologic agents, or other immunmodulating medications, you may not get an accurate result of your antibody levels on the Wheat Zoomer or Tickborne tests, or the gluten antibody test on the Gut Zoomer. If you are taking any of these medications you may get falsely lower or falsely higher antibody results.

For this reason, to ensure the most accurate results, your ordering provider may recommend testing 14-30 days after discontinuing these medications, or they may recommend testing Total Immunoglobulins (Total IgE, Total IgM, Total IgA, and Total IgG) before testing specific antibody levels.

Consult with your ordering provider regarding whether to continue or discontinue any dietary supplements or medications before your test, or whether to test Total Immunoglobulins before the Vibrant Weight Loss Package 2 test.

Lists of immunosuppressive medications and biological agents can be found HERE and HERE.

To prepare for the Gut Zoomer, a number of pre-test conditions should be considered before testing, including:

  • wait 14 days after colonoscopy to test
  • wait 14-30 days after antibiotics or herbal antimicrobials use
  • wait 2-3 days after rectal suppository use (which may alter stool density and many markers )
  • wait 2 days after aspirin and anti-inflammatory use (for accurate calprotectin results)
  • wait 5-14 days after proton pump inhibitor medication use (for accurate H-pylori and digestion/absorption markers results)
  • wait 2-3 days after over-the-counter antacid use (for accurate digestion/abosrption markers results)
  • wait 2-3 days after use of bentonite clay, betaine HCL, and digestive enzymes use (for accurate digestion/absorption markers results).

    Laxatives can have a highly variable effect on digestion/absorption markers based on the dose of the laxative and frequency of use.

    Consult with your ordering provider about whether to continue or discontinue laxatives before Gut Zoomer testing. Probiotics can be taken before the Gut Zoomer, and will be measured and reported in the Probiotic Organisms sections of the Gut Zoomer test.

    Ask your provider whether to continue or discontinue probiotics before the test. Three options are common when considering Gut Zoomer test and probiotic use:

    1. Discontinue 14 days before the test
    2. Discontinue 30 days before the test
    3. Take probiotics for 30 days to asses if the probiotic organism is "colonizing" the gut (colonizing means the bacteria have "found a new home" and are living in the gut).

    To prepare for the Gut Zoomer, see the Gut Zoomer Pre-Test Conditions HERE.

    Blood Sample Required.

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